Teacher Tributes

Mrs nateile schumate

independence elementary

My son’s kindergarten teacher is very caring to her students, but what makes her a wonderful teacher is that my son is in 5th grade now and to this day when she sees him she always says hello and how much you have grown. She always called her students her kids even with kids of her own and she still calls her students her kids. She has thought my son everything he needs to know for 1st grade and she always complicates and comucatiates with the parents when she sees something wrong.

Nominated By: Jennifer mcdaniel

york county

Christina Randall

Hardeeville Ridgeland Middle School

She not only helps you make good choices in band, she helps you make life choices. she inspires kids to keep trying and never give up.

Nominated By: Mikayla Blackshear

Jasper County


Hardeeville ridgland middle school

My teacher is a hero because when I want to give up she encourages me to try harder even when I fall down. Also because she fights for us and she believes In our band. When we needed to practice she took time out of her life to help and be with us that’s how I know she truly loves us me , and that’s what makes my teacher a hero

Nominated By: Lael Durden

Jasper county school district


Hardeeville Ridgeland Middle School

She is always there when we need her!! Whatever we need she makes sure we have. She is my hero and I appreciate her a lot.

Nominated By: Ta’Kira Glover

Jasper County

christina randall

hardeeville ridgeland middle school

She always puts others first before herself. She cares for her students and others in the community. Mrs. randall very helpful in making decisions not only in music but in life.

Nominated By: alyse flores

jasper county school district

Christina J. Randall

Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School

She’s is very passionate about her job and she always puts us first and she has such a loving heart.

Nominated By: Kayla Rowell

Jasper County

Deborah Parrish

College Park Elementary School

Mrs. Parrish is a multi-age special education elementary teacher, a mother of two boys, a dependable colleague, and a dedicated, passionate professional in the field of pedagogy. She continually seeks to improve her teaching practice. She mentors and guides both general education and special education teachers informally. She collaborates with all grade-level teachers, volunteers her time to take action to improve the lives of students in her school community, and always shows patience. She builds a feeling of safety within her classroom and among her colleagues. Throughout the year, Mrs. Parrish painstakingly and lovingly creates thematic, engaging units for her students to provide relevant, real-world experiences that engage her students in all five senses. Her practice every single day is intentional and focused, with the goal that her students will be happy, productive, and contributing members of society with a fulfilling and purposeful life and a promising future.
Most of all, Mrs. Parrish has won the trust of her colleagues and students through her Yoda-like wisdom, patience and humility. I often look to her for advice on how to handle non-instructional routines and behaviors. Her actions embody what the great Yoda said: “You will find only what you bring in.” Mrs. Parrish brings patience, belief in others, undying commitment, professionalism, passion, perseverance, and trust. She is a hero.

Nominated By: Maria Earl

Berkeley County School District

Tarsha Wingfield

Pine Grove Elementary

She does such amazing things with her kids each and everyday. She ignites something within them that they did not know was in there.

Nominated By: Tamicka McLeod

Richland Schoold District One

Chelsi Kelly

Union high School

Chelsi is a special education teacher at Union High School. Chelsi goes above and beyond to make sure her kids not only feel loved while being away from family, but goes extra lengths for learning and making sure they are involved with school activities. These kids were not able to attend “ regular “ prom, so Chelsi help set up a prom just for them! Helping getting dresses for the girls and even going so far as to borrow a limo from a funeral home so they could arrive in style! Needless to say she deserves something in return and would be just the person to receive this generous gift

Nominated By: Katherine Sprouse

Union County South Carolina

Angelia Brockington

South Florence High School

She’s always been there whether it’s emotionally , physical or educationally ! I really appreciate her and all she’s done . She deserves it !

Nominated By: Mia

Florence District One