Teacher Tributes

Rebecca Gaddy

Latta High School

Because Mrs. Gaddy not only teaches us how to do something, she teaches us the BEST ways. She’s an outstanding teacher with an amazing heart. Preparing students to go off into the real world isn’t easy but she manages to do it five days a week with a smile on her face. Mrs. Gaddy doesn’t get half of the credit that she deserves and I’m trying to change that.

Nominated By: Kyliegh Cobb

Dillon District 3

Heather Papp

Pee Dee Elementary School

Mrs. Papp is a wonderful, loving, caring teacher. She went above and beyond her job to make sure my daughter was okay. I wish more teachers were like her.

Nominated By: Melissa Shelley

Horry County School District

Portia Sharpe

North Vista Elementary School

Mrs. Sharpe is definitely a class act. She is making gains in her classroom despite behavior problems, some unhappy parents, and being a wife and mother. She wears many other hats but loves being a teacher. She comes to school faithfully and is always looking for ways to motivate and keep her students engaged. Thank you for doing it for the kids!

Nominated By: Tami Dozier

Florence School District One

Libby Collins

Dent Middle School

She is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply for her students and their families.

Nominated By: David Collins

Richland 2

Kailey Collins

Ridgeview High School

Kailey brings a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to the classroom. She wants to bring the best out of each of her students and instill in them a love of reading and learning.

Nominated By: David Collins

Richland 2