My First Library



Raise Money for Summer Reading Books

Studies show that summer learning loss accounts for about two-thirds of the ninth grade achievement gap in reading. Also, the positive effects of summer learning programs endure for at least two years after participation.

We created My First Library to raise money to purchase summer reading books for kindergarten students in SC’s most challenged schools.

Every $50 donated allows My First Library to provide 10 books of a child’s choice along with a bag and reading log to public school students who complete kindergarten in South Carolina’s most at-risk schools. The program will be focusing on schools identified by the SC Department of Education and the SC Education Oversight Committee as high poverty.

Book Fairs are held in the late spring so students can choose their own books to take home. This effort will build on the successful program the SC Department of Education has organized since 2011. That program is geared toward 1-4 graders; My First Library will expand it to Kindergartners who will be entering the first grade.

Through the support of Bojangles’ and its generous customers, SCFM provided 5100 books to 510 students in seven high-need schools around the state in 2016.

“To build a child’s first library is to give a lifelong gift of the love of reading—and all the academic success that comes with it,” says Caroline Mauldin, Executive Director of SCFM. “We are grateful to Bojangles’ and their customers for making hundreds of ‘first libraries’ possible for children who need them most.”

What You Need to Know

  • The program is supported by Bojangles’ and by contributions from around South Carolina.
  • Donate Online to support My First Library!
  • Every $50 in donations ensures a student receives 10 books, a bag, and a reading log.